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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  March 22, 2013 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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sandwich shop. a family of a student believes food was laced. and bay area police agencies take in a global effort to provide an inside look at what they do. good evening. it is friday march 22nd i'm gasia mikaelian, this is bay area news at 7:00. we begin with continuing coverage of a manhunt in a suspect that led to the stabbing at a middle school. a woman was stacked in the parking lot, this happened just before 3:00 p.m. the witnesses described a gruesome scene that began with an argument between the victim and a man near a restaurant. >> you could just see him stabbing the girl. she was on the floor and he was going at it. stabbed her. stabbed her maybe 12 times.
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>> the victim's name has not yet been released. the suspect ran off, the officers used k-9s to try to track him down. so far he remains on the loose. news chopper 2 was overhead as the police searched for that attacker. they evacuated students from a school which was a block away from where the woman was stabbed. filipino, dark hair, 5'tall. relatives believe drug- laced brownies made middle students sick today. the brother of one then-year- old girl said the brownies were passed around during wood shop at martin haougter king middle school today. he rushed his sister to saint rose's hospital after the school called to say she was throwing up. >> she felt drowsiness, tired, nervous, tingling, dizzy, numbness ... >> the district confirms five students got sick and admin straighters say they immediately contacted the police, paramedics and parents. the police are testing the
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brownies for drugs. happening now, bay area police departments taking part in a global effort to provide an inside look at what they to. we are live now in san mateo to explain how we can view this virtual ride along. >> reporter: the tweet-a-thon started at 8:00 a.m. police from all over have been tweeting ever few seconds. in fact, it is trending just as much as march madness. from a k-9's fine to a border procedure of 150 pounds of drugs. on twitter today you will get a tweet peek at law enforcement. >> we don't just arrest people. we go to a variety of different calls that are both interesting and exciting. >> reporter: this is the third virtual ride along. but for the first time ever they are joining more than 200 police departments across the world logging on for 24-hour
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tweet-a-thon. this say google look at the cities involved. >> i have a 14-year-old daughter who spend ace lot of her time on social media. it is funny, me, her dad, is doing this as part of my work. >> you need help getting to the car? >> reporter: for this sergeant twitter is another way to show the department's human side. in 140 characters it is not always easy to tack on a lesson. >> the trick is to bind that with great public safety information so not only are we gathering interesting but providing service to the public at the same time. >> reporter: he tells us all bay area departments are trying to adapt quickly to the changing role of social media and how it will play a key part in investigating and solving crime. >> it creates a different level of accountability. there is a lot of preparation taking place with that. >> it goes on throughout the night here, they will tweet until midnight. in palo alto until 2:00 a.m.
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reporting live, back to you. >> our web site has more information on the ride along. look for the information there for today's web links. today, the police department graduated the first academy of police officer fist four years and the first under police chief jordan. proud families cheered as the 38 new officers got their badges. city leaders say it is the most diverse class in the city's history. they speak 11 languages including russian and american sign language. seven new dispatchers graduated. this academy is the first of 3 planned this year. the bay area baseball coach, facing felony molestation charges today. the 52-year-old surrendered in martinez and posted bail and released this afternoon. you see him there in the middle wearing shorts. the long time coach is accused of drugging a teenager and molesting him and he faces charges of unlawful videotaping. if convicted he could face 10
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years in prison. a molestation investigation could lead to arrests. the da's office is looking to if employees knew about the accusations against jason patrosa but did not report them. he was a part time city employee and worked as a teacher. he is facing charges he sexually assaulted two under aged girls last year. the city hired an outside agency to conduct an internal investigation. >> we take this matter extremely seriously. this has been the city's highest priority this week. >> the employees who could face charges have not been identified. the family of a girl who was hit and killed last year plans to launch an investigation. she was riding her bike to school in redwood city when she was struck and killed. investigators said no charges will be filed against the teenage driver. they say she should of yielded
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to the pick up truck in front of her as it slowed down to turn. the teen's family disagrees with those findings. now, the chp and police are looking for a hit and run driver who struck and killed a woman. 39-year-old amanda vente was walking on the highway at 3:15 a.m. when she was struck. the driver hest the scene of the accident in the southbound lanes near 11th street. other drivers stopped to help to keep others from hitting her. the ch p is hoping the driver involved with come forward. >> we don't know if someone hit this pedestrian and thought maybe they hit a dog or a d eer. -- deer, anything is possible. we hope someone will come forward to investigate this properly. >> reporter: the highway patrol says it is not clear why she was on the highway at that hour of the morning. bay area authorities are showing off an arsenal of weapon seized. take a look here. officers say they found seven assault rifles, 10 handguns and
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5,000 rounds of ammunition on wednesday. to an unidentified man who is behind bars. the officers from east palo alto and other agencies took part in the ongoing investigation aimed at curbing gang violence. more than -- more than two dozen ipads were stolen from a school. and the theft was caught all thanks to the school's principal. >> reporter: college prep. inside it appears every student has an ipad. >> it helps you get organized. >> reporter: that is because everyone does. the school leases them from apple and in turn hands them to the students. >> it helps me organize my notes a lot. >> you can open it within certain apps to take notes on the slides directly to add more indepth detail. >> reporter: they are valuable to the students here but they are out this on the streets. >> they have been disappearing in bunches. 4, 5, 6 or 7 at a time. >> reporter: the principal
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says two dozen have been taken. recently students gave a description of a man on campus and yesterday the dean of students spotted that person and alerted the principal and a conversation was struck. >> we talked to him further he was more and more uncomfortable and then we said we were going to call the tphraes police that is when he took off. >> so did he. >> he tried to go over the dispense i caught him and dragged him down. >> spd arrived and arrested the man from south san francisco. he had seven ipads on them, the others were missing. >> the tablets found on him yesterday were identified by other students as theirs. >> reporter: back on campus they are happy to be under the chose watch of their principal. >> close watch of their principal. >> he is protecting us. he does not want an intrudetory come in here and take what does not belong to them. that is important. >> reporter: caught on campus out here on the sunset. it is a story where at this school, could stick around.
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back to you. a $3,000 reward is offered for the return of a service dog that was stolen while its owner slept on b.a.r.t. >> no questions asked. just i have a reward and i would love to have him home. you know? i will do anything. >> she says she dozed off on b.a.r.t with her dog in a carrier be side here on her way home from a fundraiser. when she woke up her dog is gone. he is a trained service dog that helps her cope with anxiety. the police say it is considered grand theft because archie is valued admore than $1,000 -- at more than $1,000. now trending around the nation, a shocking crime in the south involving a mother and her year old baby boy. ahead in 8 minutes word tonight of a break in the case. the two long awaited devil slide tunnels are set to open on monday. the twin tunnels will be named for tom lankos who fought for
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them to be built. they are among the most earthquake resistant tunnels on earth. residents and business owners say it will be a huge improvement over the highway 1. >> not having the slide chosed for 2 weeks or two months or six months. >> it knocks sales down 20% every month it was closed. a good lesson in what percentage of my customers come south of the slide. >> reporter: with the tunnels open the old highway will be closed and converted to a public hiking and biking park. golden gate officials improve a speed limit increase at the toll plaza. it will go from 15 miles an hour to 25 miles an hour. the increase goes into effect next wednesday. that is when the bridge will switch to all electric toll taking. cars will no longer have to stop there at the toll plaza. several airports are still waiting to hear if the control towers will be closed. the federal aviation administration released a list
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of 149 air traffic facilities. the towers are to close starting april 7th. faa says they may have to furlough thousands of workers including tower controllers that could lead to flight delays. all due to budget cuts. the faa has not announced when they will announce other closures. another high-tech start up hits it big on the stock market. our crew is there to catch a crack down on illegal dumping. the shortcuts some say are leading to serious hazards. back here in 10 minutes i have your weekend forecast. it will warm up and in the five day this is some rain. i will show you when morning, brian! love your passat! um. listen, gary. i bought the last one. nice try. says right here you can get one for $199 a month.
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a protest happened on public nudity. the judge refused their we quest for a restraining order to stop the enforcement of the ban. lawmakers today approved a bail out package that may help save off bankruptcy. one measure calls for a restructuring of national banks. more bills will be considered this weekend to secure a bail out. the dow gained 90 points, nasdaq rose 22, for the week both indexes were fraction alley lower. marin software debuted on the stock exchange. the latest ipo is sparking a bit of a buzz among bay area tech companies. >> reporter: san francisco based marin software team rang
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the bell today. by day's end the price for a share of its stock increased by more than 16% because the company already had a very good financial track record. >> they have a path of profitability and a model that is going to generate revenue and make money. the street likes that. >> they gained a few overnight millionaires tonight. >> that is what makes america what it is today. so, i have no problem with it. i wish i was working for that company so i could cash out. >> you know the way america was built. one day nothing and next somebody. that is a good thing. >> reporter: in the improving economy the public offerings have done well this year. >> it shows there is confidence coming back into the marketplace when you see all of these ipos coming to the marketplace. one reason they are attractive these days compared to government bonds and pass book saving accounts that pay nothing if you are willing to take a little bit of a risk in the stock market you really can make some money. >> we could have up to 33ipos raising about $8.5 billion in
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revenues, that is positive for the market. >> the only worry that investors drove marins prices artificially high like facebook. that is lingering below the initial offering price. back to you. it looks like tkpwaog sell is hopping on the smart watchband wagon. the company is exploring making a watch with android technology that would connect with its smart phone. google has made a splash with the internet connected glasses thank you see there. they are already in the works. apskpel samsung are working on watches. no word when the google watch could hit the market. the camp susabout to get more crowd -- campus is about to get more crowded. they posed with their shovels. the mission hall global health science building will house faculty. the staff building is set to be completed next year. the 289 bed medical center is
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set to open in 2015. president barack obama flew to jordan today. he and kim abdullah made an appearance. they said the confident that the leader would collapse. and that syria could be an onkhraeuf for extremism. after that the president's middle east tour is set to wrap up tomorrow after a viceit to the city of petra. now trending, two georgia teenagers are under arrest in a shocking crime that is drawing national headlines tonight. sherry west says she was approached by the teens yesterday asking for money. she said she did not have any. then she says one of the teens shot her in the leg and then shot and killed her 13-month- old son in a stroller. today, the police announced the rest of a 17-year-old boy and a 14-year-old in this crime. you can find the unedited police news conference on the ktvu web site under the world news tab.
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>> north dakota lawmakers passed a bill that would end abortions in that state. the measure defies human life, -- defines human life at starting at conception. abortion right advocates say it would violate the roe vs wade ruling. ark pworgz is legal until a fet us and viable, thought to be after 24 weeks. no word if the governor will sign the bill. contra costa county inspectors uncovered dumping regulations. our news camera was the only one there during the surprise inspections and the dumping problem can lead to even bigger headquarters. >> what does that look like to you? >> sludge. >> reporter: they are discarded, electrics, toxic materials, just some of what inspectors discovered at two facilities operatingil legally. >> they are not taking the
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garbage to the landfill. they are dumping them in our streets and community. >> reporter: illegal operators strip out the things recycled for money and dump the rest on vacant lots or in the streets or they burn it instead of taking it to the dump as legitimate operators would. they tell us a fire at this operation last october where flames raged for hours revoke used efforts on illegal dumps that can create not only fire risks but also health and environmental hazards. >> some of them are burning garbage. an air pollution issue. not handling the waste properly. they can get flies breeding, rat and mouse breedings. >> reporter: ground water contaplination is one of the things they worry about when they see weed killer and a spray can mix inside with this. >> the toxic chemicals twopbs is exposed to the rain will go down to the soil down to the ground water. that will go to the bay. >> reporter: the authorities say operators at both facilities will be cited.
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one can face civil or criminal prosecution. >> people feel that their communities are being polluted and dumped on by other people who are taking a shortcut to make a profit. >> back to you. an unusual piece of artwork was on display today in the united nation's plaza. to raise awareness of our waterways. a 14 foot wave made from 16,000 single-use water bottles. the water bottles thrown out every year in the u.s. end up in oceans and threaten wildlife. a family's effort appears to be paying off. the reunion that may help save the life of a little boy. this weekend it will seem like spring. some areas approaching the middle 70s. bill martin tells us which neighborhoods will be the warmest hello?
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the words are going this way-there's no way. oh, the lights came on. isn't technology supposed to make life easier?
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at chase we're pioneering innovations that make banking simple. deposit a check with a photo. pay someone with an email. and bank seamlessly with our award-winning mobile app. take a step forward... and chase what matters. take a look at marin county. boulders tumbled on the southbound lanes just before
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5:00 a.m. the rocks hit three cars. the chp says a 42-year-old man was treated at marin general for minor injuries. caltrans is looking into the stability of the hillside there. as we all look ahead for the weekend weather is not a problem. >> no, weekend weather is not a problem. on the five day there are showers but not for your weekend. temperatures in the 70s in some places. show you what is happening in the satellite. seeing all of the weather systems going to the north. that is the story, right? that is how it goes for saturday and sunday. the focus of the jet stream in this direction. as we get into next week, though, folks, it will be more into the bay area. towards the end of next week, rain in here, showers, it was real windy today in the delta. really windy out in danville. a lot of wind reports. and a wind advisory in the the fairfield area. the winds are dying down a little bit. there will still be breezy
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conditions out there tonight. 61 in oakland. these are right now temperatures. upper 50s, low 60s, tomorrow's highs, a few degrees warmer than today. tonight's overnight lows like this morning. when you wake up tomorrow morning it feels like this morning minus the wind. folks inland that is what they were talking about. a lot of wind. warmer day by a few degrees. so, tomorrow, your saturday, not the warmest day. sunday will be warmer by a couple of degrees. in the extended forecast we get into showers. tuesday it starts to bring the clouds in. wednesday, thursday, the models are still toying around with it. but eventually they will dial it in. wednesday through friday period something goes on. develops into something useful. forecast highs tomorrow, yellows or 70s. a lot of upper 60s and middle 60s. low 70s popping up around the area. along the coast it will be cool. breezy, no fog to speak of.
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breezy, spring-like, that is the key here. forecast high, morgan hills, 69, 68 in gilroy. so, if you are going out to the coast it is jackets. really, actually i would take a jacket anywhere you go around the bay area this weekend. mornings will be chilly and late afternoons will be chilly. >> five-day forecast is like this, getting into next week, it looks like a shot at good showers. >> thank you, bill, see you at 10:00. a heartwarming reunion this afternoon between two brothers with a special bond. we have video to share with you just into our news room. you see this 5-year-old, he was adopted as a baby. diagnosed with a deadly condition and he needs a bone marrow transplant to survive. his parents were able to contact their son's birth family and found a match. collins 27-year-old brother will know to children's hospital, oakland for tests tomorrow. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we will see you the next time
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news breaks. our coverage continues with the 10:00 news, tonight, more on the life-saving family reunion. we talked to the young boy's family and his big brother. keep in mind we are always here for you and that tmz is up next right here on tv36 sofa... desk...
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